Owuo 'Malakal' Lamp


Size: 25 W x 25 D x 64 H cm
Material: 100% cotton lined with PVC, handmade steel base.
Bulb: warm/yellow LED bulb is advised, E27 fitting.
Time of delivery: 7-10 working days

The ladder-like form is inspired by the 'Owuo Atwedee' Adinkra symbol used by the Akan people of Ghana. It represents the ladder of death and symbolises the futile nature of life. 

The lampshades are made with 100% cotton West African fabrics. These fabrics, also known as 'Dutch Wax' are the result of a cross-cultural history involving Dutch merchants, Indonesian batik and West African visual culture. Due to the nature and production process of this fabric, every piece is unique and shown image may vary slightly from actual product.

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