Inspired by the world, created in Istanbul

3rd Culture is an Istanbul based design company with the mission to create products that celebrate the strength born from cultural diversity. Explore our collections of homeware made by local artisans and workshops.

Hand Painted Enamelware

Discover 3rd Culture's tableware collection, where art meets functionality. Each piece is hand painted with precision and passion by artisans in India. The collection showcases a harmonious fusion of vibrant colors and intricate motifs, making each item a statement piece in its own right.

Mint Floral Jug
1,330.00TL 1,485.00TL
Pink Floral Jug
1,330.00TL 1,485.00TL
Pink Floral Tea Box
850.00TL 1,000.00TL
Pink Floral Round Tray
1,180.00TL 1,315.00TL
Yellow Bird Round Tray
1,180.00TL 1,315.00TL

Peshtemal Towels

3rd Culture's peshtemals are highly absorbent, light and dry very quickly. They are ideal for travelling, as well as use at home or by the pool.