Red Throw Cushion


Size: 56 x 56 cm (50x50 filling)

Material: 100% cotton front, 100% linen backing,  100% cotton fringes and goose feather filling.

Time of delivery: 2-5 working days.

Made with 100% cotton woven fabric at the front and 100% linen backings, 3rd Culture's new throw cushions are edged with cotton fringes and handmade by a local artisan in Istanbul. The pre-washed cotton fabric and fluffy tassels make these cushions extra soft and appealing to the touch
The mustard and red variations feature the pattern with the 'Duafe' motif and the 'Chintemani' circles. 'Duafe' is the Adinkra symbol of beauty and femininity. The chintemani circles integrated into the pattern represent power, force and courage in Turkish decorative arts. This pattern symbolizes woman empowerment, encouraging women to find strength and power in their femininity.
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